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Watch How Sambit Patra Got Trolled by Ravish Kumar

Sambit Patra is an official spokesperson of bhartiye Janata party whenever he comes on TV, he keeps blaming other parties and thinks that only BJP is best, but this time, he mashed up with the wrong person. Ravish gives befitting reply to this man very angrily.

In the above video ravish asks why CBI is not taking any actions on vyapam case and CBI is taking only actions on AAP MLA’s, Vyapam scam was done in Madhya pradesh under BJP govt and that’s why this sambit patra is not anything on Vyapam.

These BJP people are making India fool with lies and hatred, they are dividing people over caste and religion.

From 2014 to 2016, not ground change has come only change in papers, BJP is very rich party and they are only paying money to media to promote Fake news and planted stories.

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