Public was Not Interested to Listen Rajnath Singh, So He THREATENED Them To “SLAP”

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday lost temper and shouted reportedly threatened to slap the crowd, who kept interrupting his speech. Singh, who was addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh when the crowd kept interrupting his speech.

Fed up with crowds’ repeated heckling, the Home Minister warned them that if they he will slap them if they didn’t stop.

Be quiet, be quiet or else I’ll slap you, he said while addressing the rally in Mau, reported News18.

He was speaking about the neon-coated fertilisers at the rally when the crowd started hooting.

Rajnath also attacked the Akhilesh Yadav government for the violence in Mathura. “Thousands of people had grabbed land in Mathura and the state government was unaware,” he said while adding that the Centre is ready to order CBI probe into the incident.

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