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Mayawati Exposes How BJP Malfunctions The EVM Machines!

Mayawati is considered as the most powerful leader of BSP party and she is the national president of the BSP party.

After today’s election results are out, Mayawati held a press conference to express her concern over the results. She said that the EVM’s were tampered by BJP party and those machines worked in favor of BJP party. “”Either the EVMs did not accept votes other than BJP, or the votes of other parties have gone to BJP in the EVM’s” she said.

She demanded a re election in Uttar Pradesh using ballot paper instead of using EVM’s for election. “Even in the Muslim majority communities, BJP won in the elections” she said. “Not even one Muslim leader won in the Muslim majority constituencies, doesn’t this mean that BJP tampered the EVM’s in their favour?” she further added.

The BSP, which was shown only a lead of 17 seats of 403 expected to get at least 80 votes according to exit polls. Mayawati is confident about proving that BJP tampered the EVMs, she challenged BJP president Amit Shah asking him to conduct polls again, adding she will be proven correct.


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