Officials Says Kanpur Train Accident Happened Because of Bad Railway Tracks!

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Last year, a train accident took place in Kanpur which killed over 140 people and Narendra Modi claimed that it was the “conspiracy of people sitting across the border.” The chief of Uttar Pradesh railway police told a video conference organized by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu that there was no sabotage.

Mr. Prabhu addressed the railway police chiefs of all states through video conference to discuss the railway safety measures observing the recent train accidents.

Gopal Gupta, DG Railways confirmed that the cause of derailment of 14 coaches was due to the fatigue of the railway tracks and was not an act of sabotage as they have found no traces of explosives at the accident site.

Modi hinted at Pakistan’s role in Kanpur accident to gain the following of people. He said “The Kanpur rail accident in which hundreds were killed was a conspiracy and conspirators carried it out sitting across the border. Gonda is adjoining Nepal. If the cross-border foes want to carry out their work, it is necessary that Gonda should be protected with even more vigilance. Gonda needs to elect someone who is filled with patriotism, who can protect them.”

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