India Today Aaj Tak Removes Karan Thapar Who took interview of Modi

India Today replaces Karan Thapar who took interview of Modi. He had asked some provocative questions to Modi in the interview and it became so difficult for Modi that he chose to leave instead of giving answer.

India Today replaces Karan Thapar who took interview of Modi

Karan Thapar, who is one of the country’s most serious and fast-paced TV anchors, is no longer part of the INDIA TODAY channel. Karan Thapar from was doing a show named ‘to the point’ from Monday to Friday in the evening at 7:30 pm. Where uhe used to do serious discussions on some of the burning issues in the country.

In this show of Karan Thapar, Narendra Modi had come to give interview in October 2007 when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Karan had asked questions related to the 2002 riots. Narendra Modi became uncomfortable with questions because he had no words to answer and left the show in the middle while sweating.

Aaj Tak’s popular anchor Anjana Om Kashyap will replace Karan Thapar on India Today news channel.

Have a look at the video in which Karan Thapar asked questions to Narendra Modi.

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