Professional Hacker Demonstrates How EVM Can Be Manupilated Within 60 Seconds!

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Narendra Modi and his Bhakt gang is claiming that EVMs are not hackable. Even the EC has said that EVMs are unhackable.

Only India and a bunch of other countries use Electronic means to cast votes. The developed countries like USA, Russia, Germany and UK doesn’t use EVMs to record the people’s votes, instead they use ballot papers to record votes.

The Americans tried to use electronic means to record votes of people but soon those machines were banned as they were proven hackable. A hacker/professional showed that those machines can be hacked within a minute if one is paying attention.

When that machine was hacked as a part of demonstration, it even prints out a receipt which shows wrong results. This was demonstrated as a part of a news channel’s special story. The host was surprised to see that the machine was hacked under a minute. It was deemed that use of such machines were a violation to democracy. Still India relies on such means despite many people are protesting against it.

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शेयर करें

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