Ravish Kumar Exposed Truth of Piyush Goyal and Modi in Uttar Pradesh

NDTV Ravish Kumar recently exposed BJP Minister Piyush Goyal who was Caught Lying on Supply of Electricity in Up Villages. We all love to ravish because of this simple attitude, he’s not like other journalists who keep shouting like dogs. Ravish listens to people very properly and allows everyone to put their views.

Ravish Kumar is India’s best and most honest journalist. He is very popular for his show prime time which comes on NDTV India (Hindi) on the other side we have BJP minister Piyush goyal who was caught lying for the supply of electricity in villages.

Mr. Kumar ran a ground survey of villages in Uttar Pradesh and he was shocked to see the reality how these BJP ministers are publicly fooling Indians. Mr Kumar than ran the full show exposing Piyush goyal and modi.

BJP people scares of Ravish Kumar because he has facts and confidence. Thank you ravish for exposing such shameful people who are fooling us.

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