Kumar Vishwas Makes Fun of BJP in his Own Style

Killer Video; See how Kumar Vishwas Trolls BJP

Kumar is very popular for his satirical poems, but let me tell you he’s also famous for his rousing speeches. This is one of the excellent speeches given by Kumar at Adarsh Shastri in Dwarka, Delhi.

This video is of 1 year ago but In this video, he also claims that BJP will to 3 seats and his prediction becomes 100% correct, BJP is totally finished in Delhi.

BJP ministers have no work to Delhi, they keep doing entertainment day and night because Delhi has shared powers with central govt (Modi govt) and Delhi (Kejriwal govt). It’s Uploaded by Kumar Keshav 1 year ago on youtube and currently, it has 154,396 views.

This video is very funny and it really tells the truth of BJP, Vishwas has exposed the truth of BJP in his own style.

Watch Video:-

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