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Arnab Goswami Got a Tight Slap From Raj Thackeray !

In This Video, Raj Thackeray slaps Arnab Goswami very tightly. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray Gave an interview to Times now editor Arnab Goswami an interview and rest is history.

Raj was in support of Modi before 2014 elections and arnab was trying to become over smart in front of Raj, then raj became angry and kicked arnab badly.

What is the objective of an interview? To obtain information, right, everyone will agree to this. But this is not so with our Indian anchors, they go all out to ask the same question again and again using different words, rephrasing the sentences till they they elicit the answer that they want, its more of an interrogation as Raj Thakre rightly put it.

I personally have watched hundred of interviews not only on Indian channels but also on BBC, CNN others, there the anchor doesn’t scream, shout, gesticulates, jumps up and down in the chair, then why do the Indian anchors do so! I really loved to see Arnab being shown his place.

I can’t dont agree with Raj thakrey view on Modi but i really loved the way arnab got slapped.


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