11 RSS Men Sentenced To Double Life Imprisonment For DYFI Activist’s Murder

Thiruvananthapuram Additional District and Sessions Court found 11 RSS workers guilty of murdering a CPI(M) worker in 2008.

For killing V. Vishnu all the eleven were given double life sentence. Additional District and Sessions Judge T.K Minimol Rejected the prosecution plea for the capital punishment for the key accused in the case. All the eleven were given double sentences along with Rs 3 lakhs as compensation for the family members of V. Vishnu. The court awarded a simple life sentence to the 15th accused in the case and three years of jail for the person who had harbored the accused after the murder.

Narendra Modi is also a RSS Member

The RSS consider themselves as vigilantes and act on their own as if the government is in their hands. The RSS must be controlled and the current members shouldn’t be allowed to influence youngsters to join their group.

Many young people who got out of RSS describe it as if the group is a Harmful For India group. They all had similar stories, they were told to hate Muslims and ordered not to wear T-Shirts and jeans because they belonged to Christians.

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