मोदी ने कहा "GST एक फेलियर रहेगा, और कभी सफल नहीं होगा" … देखें पूरा वीडियो

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Yesterday GST bill was passed by Bhartiya Janata party but today a video came out and people shocked to listen to the statement. In this video, Prime minister Narendra Modi said, GST will be a failure.
BJP always opposed Bills like GST, FDI, Nuclear Deal but now they are in power so they are themselves passing this.
This clearly means PM Modi and BJP is fooling Indians.
I guess the simple answer is; that how the democracy works in India, unfortunately. Oppose when you are NOT in power, support when you are in power.
They are nothing less than anti-nationalistic party. As per their claim, GDP will boost now 1.5% if GST is passed. It could have been 3-4% in 2004. So imagine the loss for 10 years.
Second, they wanted to show that congress is not working

Why they are passing now? With economist like Jaitley do u think they have any better idea?


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