Women on the streets in Uttarakhand, Asking For Employment From Modi

Women on the streets against liquor in Uttarakhand. In Ukhimath which belongs to Rudraprayag, an anti-liquor agitation took place. Women protested against opening a liquor shop on the Baijnath-Binkholi road.

Protests across the state have started to accelerate their efforts against liquor shops. There is also a situation of suspicion due to the official court order which had been applied from April 1st. Although now the Supreme Court has given clear instructions, but circumstances are getting worse due to lack of preparation.

Women on the streets against liquor in Uttarakhand

On Friday night, the women approached the Deputy District Magistrate and stayed out of the office all night. They did not stopped there and went to the sub-divisional office on Saturday. The angry women said that in any case, liquor shops will not be allowed to open. On one side they stopped opening the liquor shop and on the another side the younger generation is becoming addicted to liquor.

The women were clear that liquor shop would not be allowed at any cost in Ukhimath. If a liquor shop opens there, women will start to commit suicide. The protesters said that the movement would be severe if the government did not shift existing liquor shops far from the town.

In order to avoid the Supreme Court decision, the state government has started notifying national and state routes. In December last year, the Supreme Court ordered the liquor shops should be on either highways or 500 meters away from towns. Order has been implemented from April 1st, 2017.

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