Interview of Farooq Ahmed Dar, The man who was tied front of jeep

The Army in Jammu & Kashmir tied a man in front of jeep and did parade in the entire town. The person with whom all that happened is 26-year-old Farooq Ahmed Dar.

Farooq told that he was not involved in stone throwers. He said,

“I never throw stones, I have never throw stones in my whole life, I do the work of embroidery on the shawl and also carpentry work”.

The Army in Jammu & Kashmir tied a man in front of jeep

Farooq said that his name was written on him by putting a white paper on his chest. Farooq told that at around four o’clock he was taken to the army camp.

Farooq is very upset after the incident. He did not even complain because of fear. Referring to the matter of not complaining, Farooq said, “We are poor people, what will they complain?.”

Farooq also added that he is alone with his 75 year old mother. Farooq’s mother has asthma. She agreed with Farooq saying, “We do not need any investigation, we are poor people, I do not want to lose my child, he is the only support for my old age.”

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