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Ravish Kumar’s report on Alwar murder case

Pehlu Khan who was a 55-year-old farmer died after hundreds of vigilantes beated him on a highway in Alwar in Rajasthan. Police is still trying to identify the vigilantes who attacked him and injured other six.

Ravish Kumar's report on Alwar murder case

In the video Ravish Kumar mentions that, People asked the name of the driver who was driving the truck. His name was Arjun. People asked his name and let him go just because of His name. Now if what they did is crime then questions should be asked to Arjun also.

He also said that, Althought Pehli Khan and his two sons, Irshad and Aarif all three were Muslims but they were farmers/milk sellers and were earning money by only selling the milk of cows.

In the interview, Irshad says that cow was not stolen and he was owner of the cow, he also show the documents of that. He also said that they are not criminals and they has approx 75,000-80,000 Rupees in their pocket the crowd of people stole all the money.

To know the real truth behind the Alwar case and to know more details about Ravish’s report, watch the video attached below.

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