See How Indore people Welcomed Ravish Kumar!

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Ravish Kumar visits Indore, delivered an awesome speech. You must listen to what journalist Ravi Kumar said in the lecture organized by the Board of Studies. He got great welcome by the people present there.

He presented his views and opinions about a lot of things and delivered a great speech there.

Ravish Kumar visits Indore, delivered awesome speech

In his speech, he said that power of politics can never become a friend of people. Power creates fear. Religion is also used in politics. Politics does not use religion for good purpose. Newsrooms have also been changed to party headquarters.

On the matter of cows, he said, these ‘Gau Rakshak’ has created such an atmosphere that people think that every Muslim carrying cows is not good. They are playing the game by making the Hindus against the Muslims. It is being converted into solid through TV.

He also stated that, we should learn to trust each other. We have become full of hate. We need to take a resolution that we will not make Hindustan super power. Being Hindustani itself is a super power. Otherwise, you will find people like Donald Trump in every street.

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