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You will be shocked to see the situation of Indian Railway drivers. In early years, we used to have a complaint about service quality of Indian Railway. We had complaints like they don’t offer clean seats and especially clean washrooms.

However, In recent years the quality of service has improved especially in higher costing trains like Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express. Indeed they offer good quality of service. But you will be shocked to see the situation of train drivers in regular trains. Keep reading to know in more detail.

You will be shocked to see situation of Indian Railway drivers

There is a video uploaded on social media website; In the video; you will be able to see a driver is driving a train in rainy reason and water is sinking out from the roof. The cabin in filled with rain water.

The video gives a proof that Modi government has done almost nothing in terms of development in Indian Railway. The video raises a big question against Modi Government and Indian Railway management. Every year a huge amount in declared in Railway Budget for development. We don’t see that allocated money being actually used for development.

Watch the video below to see the situation of a train driver in Indian Railway.

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