Santram Maheshwari and Vinod Maheshwari arrested for working with ISI

Maheshwari Brothers arrested for working with ISI. Officials of security agencies are asking questions to these ISI spy. Indian intelligence agencies have carried out a major action and arrested three ISI spyes from Barmer district.

In the border areas of Rajasthan, the nefarious activities of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI are going on. Barmer’s famous businessman Maheshwari brothers were giving important information to the enemies of the country.

Maheshwari Brothers arrested for working with ISI

Intelligence agencies have arrested three detectives of ISI on the basis of secret infomration. Among them are prominent names namely Prof. Santram Maheshwari and Vinod Maheswari. Apart from this, care-taker Dinah Khan of a mazar of Barmer has also been arrested. Dina Khan is a resident of Talha of Chauhan in Barmer.

The ISI agents used to give money to the Maheswari brothers and Dina Khan to gather information. Dina Khan used to give details of movement of Indian Army and strategic targets to the ISI handler sitting in Pakistan including photographs.

Below is related video of bhopal ISI agents:-

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