Watch – PM Narendra Modi Falls in Love with a Girl !

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Narendra Modi proved himself again that is unfit for being the Prime Minister. His actions bring the bad name to our country. No matter how hard he tries to hide his wrongdoings, they just keep coming out.

Modi was caught several times lying in Public speeches. He lied about providing internet connection to villages and even about the production of Tomatoes. His “Achhe Din” lies are limitless.

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It looks like Modi hides his romantic side for a long time but it isn’t a secret anymore. A district collector of Gujarat explained how Narendra Modi flirted with a young girl who came to work on a project as an architect. After the introduction of the girl to Modi, she explained the project to him and Modi was happy with her plan.

After the project was complete, Modi was still in touch with the girl. Since the collector introduced the girl to Modi, the girl used to talk with collector how Modi is talking with her. Modi asked her to create new Email for their conversations and even new phone numbers to talk to her. Collector was surprised when she met Modi without his permission.

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