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Watch Modi view Before and After Election on Cow Slaughter

PM Narendra Modi in a speech during election campaign said that its a shame to become world’s largest exporter of beef. He said that our government even subsidizes the beef export and imposes duty on export of cotton. Narendra Modi said this addressing all the audience “how can you all sit silent when all of this is happening?”

देखिये वीडियो:-

In another speech during the same period, Modi said that Congress supports Cow Slaughter. He claims that Congress said that it will support cow slaughter if they win the elections and asks EC to not to tolerate Congress’s actions.

Modi says that if BJP wins the elections, he will ban the cow slaughter. After winning the elections, India still remained as the world’s top beef exporter. The production rate of beef has increased after Modi’s government came into power.

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Modi justifies this increase in production rate by saying that the cows which are being killed are not the “real cows” and those cow species is from other country. What kind of justification is this? What do you think about the justification of Modi? Let me know in the comments down below!


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