Watch How Chancellor Angela Markel Makes Fun of Modi


Narendra Modi traveled to many countries in the past three years for meeting the World’s powerful people to show off his selfies with and nothing else. The travel costs were almost 1000 crores. All of his Ministers did the same, spending taxpayers money just to have fun in foreign countries. Modi in his tour to France, he tried to make his charm work the old way just as he did with all the others but it backfired.

Here is a video showing Modi making a fool out of himself: 

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When Narendra Modi thought France’s female Minister offered him a handshake
but she was pointing the chair for him to sit. It can be considered as one of the most embarrassing moments of Modi’s life.

Modi just got trolled by her and the best part is: it was caught on Camera and it was a Live broadcast! Modi then looked at her awkwardly when she was walking away and then realized that she was pointing towards the chair where the Modi has to sit. Modi just followed her after realizing his mistake.

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