See What Happened When Honest Journalist Karan Thapar Inteviewed Narendra Modi!

Narendra Modi accepted Karan Thapar’s request to have a live interview with him but Modi didn’t knew that he is going to regret his decision. When Karan Thapar asks Narendra Modi about the 2002 Gujarat Riots, he wasn’t able to give a vaild answer to his question.

In fact Modi was almost speechless to the questions of Karan in the live interview. When Karan asked about people calling Narendra Modi a mass-murderer on face, he answered that this is just the thought of some individuals.

Karan then mentions about Supreme Court saying that it lost faith in Gujarat’s government September 2003 and in April 2004 the Cheif Justice in Supreme Court said that Modi looked away when helpless women and children were burnt.

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Modi counters this statement by saying that this wasn’t a judgement but a mere observation and Modi adds that if it is the judgement of Supreme Court, he would answer it.

Karan then asks Modi that “why can’t you say that you’ve regret the killings that happened and why can’t you say that government should have done more to protect people?” then Modi replied “What I wanted to say, I have said at that time” and when asked to repeat what he said, Modi refused.

Modi tries to escape from the interview by saying “I need to rest” and tells the cameraman to stop recording but the camera was still recording the interview. Modi then got out of the studio.


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