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See the Real Truth Behind Narendra Modi’s Simple Lunch !

PM Modi asked everyone of his BJP workers to “bring their own tiffin”. Prime Minister also said that he had bought his own tiffin as he is one of the workers of BJP.

Modi had lunch with Liquor Mafia Ashok Tiwari instead with booth level workers of BJP. BJP party has posted a picture of Modi having lunch with higher ups of BJP saying “Such equality is possible only in BJP” but Modi is having lunch with higher ups and not with booth level workers.


People on social media say that everyone bought food for Modi so that they could share with him but he decided to bring his own food. BJP’s official site says that Modi had meal amongst 26,000 booth-level workers from total of 1700 booths in Uttar Pradesh. According to the website, Modi had interacted with the workers but the truth is he had his own lunch with Ashok Tiwari and some others.

People say that this act is just to please people as the demonetization scheme has failed miserably.

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