Smartphone users of India are making use of their phones to go cashless by using various mobile payment apps.

BHIM is one such app launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is currently available on Android. BHIM app claims that it make payments using Aadhaar card details. BHIM is not a mobile wallet like Paytm, it is based on UPI.

People who used BHIM app are unsatisfied with the working of the app. There are more than 10,000 1-star ratings in Google Play Store. The reviews itself indicate the working of the app. It’s users are boycotting the app by rating it 1-star. The app is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, the people had many expectations from the app and it didn’t turn out to be better than other UPI payments based app. The app is just like another ordinary UPI based transaction app just like many others in the Play Store, App Store and Windows Store.

Because of the demonetization, Modi asked people to go cashless instead of depending on ATMs and banks for paper currency.

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