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Modi Spent 567 Crore in just few months but Results are ZERO

Narendra Modi and his team of “mantris” spent a fortune of taxpayers money on last year’s traveling expenditure. The total expenditure for Narendra Modi and his team’s traveling is 567 Crore INR in last year.

This is a 80% increase compared to the previous year’s expenditure on travel. Total expenses of the PM and his ministers went up from estimated 269 crore to 567 crore. UPA-2’s ministers and its Prime Minister spent 1500 crore on travel in between 2009-2014. The BJP’s expenditure for travel from 2014-2016 is 1,140 crore.


PM pledged to cut down his travel expenditures by 54% in the next year, however this is just a pledge. Though Narendra Modi’s government has just 64 members in the cabinet compared to 75 members in UPA, BJP’s travel expenses are way too high to believe that they spent the money for good.


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The allowances have also gone upto 10.20 crore, which is 8% higher compared to the expenditure made by UPA cabinet. Travel bills of the government have not been changed since the UPA’s government. Almost every year the finance ministry comes out with a press-note stating a decrease in 10% of dip in the non-plan expenditure.

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