Know why Jashodaben’s Passport Application has been rejected

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben Modi’s application seeking passport has been returned by the regional officer in Gujarat.

The officer gave an excuse saying that its “incomplete”. The regional passport officer Z.A. Khan said: “We have not accepted the application because there was no marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with the spouse, which is a required document to get the passport.” Modi’s wife sought passport to go abroad and meet their friends and relatives.

Her brother Ashok Modi said that “We have many friends abroad and they asked her to visit them so she had applied for the passport but the application has been turned down.” He also said that she may have to seek legal justice to get the passport. The government agency has also turned down her application in early November 2014.

She then approached Mehsana police in Gujarat with a Right to Information application seeking details of her security and the other facilities she should be provided as she is the wife of a Prime Minister.

शेयर करें

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