Positive News:- Journalist megyn kelly Insults Tea Seller modi

विदेशी पत्रकार मेगन केली ने मोदी के सामने ऐसे अंग्रेजी बोल दी जिसके बाद हड़बड़ा गए मोदी, छूटे पसीने, वीडियो खबर के आखिर में उपलब्ध है

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Recently Narendra Modi went to Russia to meet its President Vladmir Putin in the part of his tour. He spent time with Putin and everything went well until Narendra Modi tried to create some humor but failed miserably.

The video of his desperate attempt to create humor and his failure followed by it went viral among social media websites especially in India. Indian internet users have found the topic for the day with that video. Narendra Modi is seen coming inside a building along with Putin and Megyn Kelly greeted them.

Narendra Modi shook her hands and said “I saw your tweets, with umbrella” in his desperate attempt to create humor but it back fired and she asked “Are you on Twitter?”.

A politician with more than 30.4 million followers was asked if he was on Twitter. This proves that Narendra Modi’s followers are fake and he is not really that popular as we thought.

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