Shree Acharya Krishnam Jii Open the Black Face of Narendra Modi

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Acharya Pramod Kashnam exposed Narendra Modi in an interview. Acharya Pramod Kashnam is a Hindu spiritual leader. He said that Narendra Modi is blamed for killing hundreds of people and Ramdev somehow managed to make his master go missing on which a CBI investigation is going on.He said that Narendra Modi is not visiting Santh Samaj for the blessings of Santh but to give wealth to all Santh and Santh Samaj will have the blessings of Narendra Modi instead of Modi receiving the blessings of Santh.

He describes India is a place where Ganga and Yamuna meet and a place where people of different religions live together and Narendra Modi is unfit for being the Prime Minister of India. He explained why Narendra Modi looks strong and capable enough to rule India. Modi’s words, style of addressing people and body language makes him look capable.

“India’s Prime Minister should be Polite but not a mass murderer,” he said. When asked about why people support Narendra Modi he replied: “People who want the India to be torn apart will support Modi”.

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शेयर करें

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