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Watch: This Young Boy Exposed Arnab Goswami and His Lies

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Arnab Goswami is one of the most popular journalists in India for shouting against people in the debate. He takes over the entire debate as if he is the only one who is allowed to speak and make points.

He recently quit the channel he was working for and set up his own news channel Republic TV. A recent debate in his news channel proved that he sympathizes with BJP party. Arnab Goswami shouted against the Congress leader for calling the female journalist a BJP supporter. Arnab muted the voice of the Congress leader and shouted on him.

Arnab called the Congress leader a coward but he himself a coward for not allowing the leader to speak. The websites owned by bhakts are now posting that Congress leader couldn’t keep up with Arnab in the debate. In the video below there are many points which prove Arnab Goswami is a BJP supporter.

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