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VIDEO: Yogi govt failed in Law and order in Uttar pradesh

वायरल इन इंडिया संवाददाता -
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Uttar Pradesh has seen a new face as their Chief Minister after a long time but it seems from this video nothing has changed in law and order.

A video showing an assault on a family by some unknown men during night time. The three family members were killed by the criminals.

The unknown men attacked the son first and then his wife. The son was parking his bike when the men attacked him. The man was a businessman and the unknown men stopped his bike so that he cannot escape from them.

The family members tried to save themselves but the men beat them up. The CCTV footage shows the attack on the family members. The attack took place in a posh area around 9:57 PM. The government should make police to patrol the area but because of its negligence people are losing their lives.

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