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This Video of Anjana Om Kashayap and Shivpal Yadav is Breaking the Internet!

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Anjana Om Kashyap is a formidable face of Indian Media and has faced and resisted many flirts and cheap tricks of perverts but this time she couldn’t do it.

In the video, Shivpal Yadav was caught flirting with Anjana Om Kashyap in front of everyone. When she asked the question again ignoring the flirt, Shivpal flirted again. During an interview at Shivpal’s house, Anjana asked him a question what is going on Samajwadi Party. Shivpal answered that he is “Happy” and Anjana said it doesn’t seem so.

Shivpal said something flirty which roughly translates to “I’ve seen you, I’m very happy” with a flirty smile and his supporters started laughing on his cheap flirting. he doesn’t end with that flirty comment and said “Go to Akhilesh, he will be happy too” with a cunning horny smile. Anjana’s face was full of embarrassment when he made fun of her.

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