Sudhir Chaudhary Crossed his Limits, Abuses Ravish Kumar on Twitter

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News depicts the Truth of World.. this what we have been learnt through out the schooling ” Smachar desh videsh mei ho rai gatnao ko samne lata hai” but wait i think we have taught in the wrong way.. Todays news era shows their verdicover crimes instead of depicting the truth.. They raise topics to get TRPS.

We often hear about certain cat fights in bollywood but journalist war is going on these days. This is the conversation that took place on Twitter between two journalist’s pin pointing on each other’s profiles.

Here’s what Zee editor tweeted about Ravish:


Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee NEWcommented about Mr. Ravish Kumar of NDTV that he must try to join bollywood and producers muslearn something from him now as his dialogues are more better than the movies and even he also said clearly that Mr. Ravish has no sense of humour about presenting news. So,  he must leave this zoner and must follow his talent of dialog delivery. “

Well quite funny Mr. Sudhir.. You can be a Joker 😀 

This shows that some news channels are so desperate to sell their news that they don’t even care about public sentiments!!! To get high trps they actually forgot that news is all about the actual content

Is this is the upcoming face of News Channel?? or i should hope that one day it will gonna finish when one True Journalist will make it clean like lotus in the mud.. “Tomorrow one among us will become journalist and i hope that he or she would not take it forward and will do justice to their work and profile.. Well we are the youth and if we don’t believe in formalities then surely we must not bear injustice to us.. “Jaggo Youth Jaggo”.

शेयर करें

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