Shameful, Watch Latest Video of Swami Om and This Time He is Telling Benefits of Wearing Bra

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Swami Om is famous for his role in Bigg Boss reality show. He more known for throwing piss at the contestants in that show.

From then on this self-claimed godman did various acts to stay in limelight. Messing up in live shows to doing various weird acts, he has done them all. Now he takes it to another level by making videos with a naked model doing various weird acts. First, he released video of him meditating while the model is dancing around him naked. Then he released a video to give his so-called “fans” some yoga lessons.

After making several videos with that model, he now made a video on how a bra is good for women by making that model to demonstrate. With his latest videos, it is safe to assume that he will go to any lengths to get famous and he should be stopped.

शेयर करें

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