See what Baba Ramdev replied When Asked About His Girlfreind !

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Ramdev Baba is a popular Yoga teacher. He is known for his work in agriculture and ayurveda. He is also involved in the political scene of India. He founded Pantanjali group of Institutions and recently launched Patanjali line of products.

While some make fun of Patanjali and some appreciate it as it decreases the dependency on foreign brands. Whatever people think of him, in an interview in a TV channel he made a fool out of himself when asked if he had a girlfriend.

Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty along with Baba Ramdev performs Yoga during a session in Mumbai, India on January 20,2016. (Sanket Shinde/ SOLARIS IMAGES)

He awkwardly tried to say that he doesn’t know what a girlfriend is until now. He tries to make him look an innocent by talking rubbish. He even said that he doesn’t know what friend is…

When one of the spectator in the audience asked Ramdev Baba if he ever fell in love, he made fun of the guy who asked the question by giving a non sense answer. Watch the video. LOL. Tooo damn funny!


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