Mumbai Police Releases Sanjay Dutt’s Conversations with Underworld Don Chota Shakeel

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Sanjay Dutt, a popular Bollywood actor with a lot of controversies. He has close ties with underworld dons and criminals. He had ties with Shakeel and one of their telephonic conversation has been released by Mumbai Police in 2002.

In that conversation, both talked about various topics mostly related to crime. Shakeel is a lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim and was in the Top-20 list of most wanted criminals at that time. Mumbai Police tapped their conversations and released it to the public. In those conversations, film-makers Mahesh Manjrekar and Sanjay Gupta and producer Harish Sugandh speaking to Shakeel about Dubai SIM cards, killing of a rival gangster and murder sequences they have done in real life.

LISTEN to FULL AUDIO Release by Mumbai Police:- 

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Sanjay Dutt was a drug addict and had a fascination for weapons made him the criminal he is now. People who worked with Sanjay Dutt described him as childish,ill-tempered and a person who gets into trouble almost constantly. Sanjay was first arrested in Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act when police found out that he had connections with series of blastings in Mumbai.

Recently Sanjay Dutt had been released from jail in February 2016.

शेयर करें

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