Ravish Kumar Gave a Very Befitting Reply to Blind Modi Bhakt

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Ravish Kumar is one of the most talented and successful journalists in India. He gives us the most reliable source of news unlike any others.

In a video, Ravish Kumar can be seen explaining note ban is a failure to Indian economy. He exposed note ban on that video. A Modi bhakt tried to support demonetization by saying “The situation in the country is not as bad as being described in India. The situation in other countries is better after note ban”. For which Ravish replies, “I haven’t been to other countries, I stayed in India and I will continue to”.

A man in the crowd asks Ravish “How much black money did you have?” and Ravish gave an excellent reply using sarcasm. “I’ve never stood in a line to exchange money but the people who fly in private helicopters are corrupt and thieves.” he said.

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