Ravish Kumar explorers the actual truth behind tripple talaq

Ravish Kumar explores the actual truth behind triple talaq. Ravish Kumar talked about the debate on triple talaq and whether Muslim women are subject to harassment by their husbands. Many activists suggest abolishing triple talaq, while others who that the law has in several cases helped women fight for their rights or severe a wedding bond.

Ravish Kumar explorers the actual truth behind tripple talaq

Talaq is not given by saying “Talaq” three times. Talaq is actually a three-month long process. When a married Muslim man pronounces talaq first the time, three month time starts.

In this time-period, the mediators try to stop the talaq from happening. If reconciliation succeeds, the talaq can be revoked. If not, the man can announce talaq once again and the process gets repeated three times till the final talaq is pronounced, which makes divorce irrevocable. This is the actual process of talaq according to Salman Khurshid.

He said that “a sin cannot be part of Sharia, which is god ordained.” He also added that Sharia can’t sanction triple talaq. Watch the video to see Ravish Kumar’s report.

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