गूगल पे पीवी सिंधू के बारे में लोगों ने किये गंदीं चीज़े सर्च! आपको भी शर्म आ जाएगी देखकर

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PV Sindhu is trending these days for his great work which she did, she won medal at rio olympics for 129 crore Indians, but google statistics shows the real mentality of shameful Indian’s. When PV was busy fighting indians were busy searching his caste on google.

One facebook user named Vivekanand Nagarajan shared on his profile about this scene. He wrote “Seriously ???Google suggestion is based on what people search… When will we change ?”. Below is the screenshot.

pv sindhu caste

When we serched this whole keyword “PV Sindhu caste” on google keyword planner, then we were totally shcoked to see the mentality of Indians.

Here are results of Keyword planner:

pv sindhu caste adwords

As you can see, there were more than 150,000 searches for her caste in June, and nearly 90,000 in July.

Well this is really a sad thing that a girl won medals for Indians but we idiots were busy searching here caste.

Anyway, Welcome to India.

शेयर करें