This Politician From Jabalpur Caught in Objectional Position with a Lady on Camera

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The situation of politics in Madhya Pradesh has heated up after an objectionable video of a veteran leader and former mayor of Jabalpur NP Dubey went viral on social media.

In that video, the mayor can be seen in a questionable position with a woman. at his residence office in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, the girl in the video is the daughter of the leader’s maid. The leader can be seen with the girl in bed and soon after the leader was confronted, the leader runs for his clothes.

The person who was shooting the video asked the girl “when did you come here and what are you doing?”. Instead of the girl, leader answered his question by saying that she has just come to the office. The leader tried to snatch the camera from the cameraman.

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