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Please Help These Students, They Study in Zero Degree Temperature

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to provide world class education to the children of India before elections.

The students studying in government schools are still suffering from lack of basic facilities. Some pictures showing the current state of a government school in Punjab went viral in social media. The school name is Gps Jila Jail School and the person who posted the pictures even provided the address of the school.

Please see, Photo #1:-

Photo #2:-

Photo #3:-

School Name- Gps Jila Jail School Address-W.No 7, Nabha, Patiala, Punjab, Postal Code: 147201 India

The post also says that children from age of 5 to 10 study in that school. “You are making a student of 5 years to sit on a floor. A building which could fall anytime. It is a serious concern for he students studying over there.

How the government could be so careless to promote swachh bharat but not a single toilet over there in school. Its 0 degree and these children are sitting in a school where there is not even a single toilet.” the post said while tagging several ministers and government officials.

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