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Ramdev Tells India To Stop Using Chinese Products, But Uses An iPhone To Tweet About It!

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Baba Ramdev has recently launched a line of products under the brand name “Patanjali” and has been busy promoting the brand by all means of communication.

He recently tweeted “China has always betrayed us . Buying Chinese product is like helping the enemy. Every nationalist Indian should boycott Chinese products.” What Baba Ramdev said is true to some extent but he used an iPhone to tweet this which is made in China! No one match the hypocrisy level of Baba Ramdev!

Tweet of Ramdev:- 

Patanjali products are marketed as “Made in India” and as “Desi Brand”. While using Patanjali products might help our economy to grow but at the same time Baba Ramdev is earning millions of rupees by using the mask of Patriotism.

Baba Ramdev is a yoga teacher known for his work in Ayurveda, business, politics and agriculture. He is involved in many Political campaigns by setting up mass yoga campaigns. He publicly announced his support to Narendra Modi for 2013 elections. When Baba Ramdev setup mass yoga camps during election  campaigns, Election Commission of India shut them down as they were politically motivated.

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