This NRI Guy Avi Dandiya Openly Challenges Ramdev and Thrashes Him For his Bad Remarks

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Recently a video has surfaced on the internet and it is going viral. A man named Avi Dandiya called Baba Ramdev a donkey, ‘dhongi’, ‘kamina’ for acting against Muslims.

Avi Dandiya questions Baba Ramdev and the BJP party. “Whom are you trying to make fools? Akbaruddin spoke against Hindus and he was kept in jail for that reason. Why there are double standards for Muslims.” he said.

He further explained his concern over Muslims communities in India. He said “I don’t even like to call him baba. If a person like Ramdev Baba was in America, then he would be kept in jail in less than 8 hours. You are still roaming free because you are in India.”

Avi Dandiya made some valid points against Baba Ramdev and he continued to question Ramdev’s acts. “You are acting like an animal, like a monkey to be accurate. Sometimes you make things upside down without hesitation. It doesn’t matter how good you are Yoga or good in what ever you do, it doesn’t matter if you practice Yoga in a country where the breathing air and drinking water are polluted.” he added.


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शेयर करें

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