VIDEO: Kajol’s friend caught making a beef dish at his restaurant

Kajol’s friend caught making a beef dish at his restaurant. Kajol was at her friend’s pop-up restaurant in Mumbai. The beef was on the menu.

We are aware of the fact that, the Government is talking about banning beef in the entire country. There are many countrymen who have opposed the idea and have concerns about how the government is trying to protect cows.


There are many restaurants and hotels which have stopped making beef dishes; on the other hand, still, there are few restaurants which have beef dishes on their menu.

Kajol’s one friend owns a pop-up restaurant. Recently, Kajol visited his restaurant for lunch with her friends. For Kajol, her friend Ryan prepared a dish. The dish was called “beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef”. Before ending the video, she joked and said that “We are going to cut his hands off after this.”

It is clear that celebrities like Kajol do not care about what the nations are doing to protect cows. Watch the video attached below to know more.

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