Know Who’s Funding The People Who Are Killing People on Name of Gau Raksha?

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BJP’s government is allowing right-wingers to act independently and no strict actions are being taken against them for their crimes.

Many videos have surfaced in the internet showing gau rakshaks beating up people. Many news channels have also reported that these gau rakshaks acted beyond their duties and beaten up people.

In the below video, gau rakshaks can be seen beating up people inhumanly and making them scream for their life. They are threatening and making them shout ‘Gau mata ki jai’. As they beg for life, Gau Rakshaks have beaten them.

More recently, Yogi Adityanath’s Anti Romeo squad had engaged in the similar kind of actions against couples. Even married couples were threatened and looted by members of Anti Romeo squad.

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