Everyone of use catering services while traveling in trains. It is convenient and time saving for everyone. Little did we know that we are getting scammed by these food caterers.

Many people share their experience of getting scammed by these food caterers in trains. One such victim is Protapta Das and he shared his experience of getting scammed by caterers. When he was traveling from Visakhapatnam to Howrah in Yesvantpur-Howrah Express, he ordered Veg. meal and the waiter charged Rs 90 which was only Rs 50 according to IRCTC website.

This is Official Menu by IRCTC:-

More Prices for Other Food:-

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The victim went to the pantry in the 1st coach and met the Pantry in charge. The in charge said that they were missing the newer rate cards but will get them shortly but he was silent when asked about the extra money everyone paid. When the victim was filing a complaint, the in charge pleaded him not to write the complaint but after writing the in charge said that no one will care about the complaint. This is the story of many Indians who are traveling in trains and using government’s catering service.

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