Recently sexually offensive messages on social media are on rise just to silence the opposition. This method is mainly used by right wingers of India, especially against women.

An Indian who was employed in UAE fired for sending sexually abusive post against Rana Ayyub. Such actions should be considered the police and the abusers should be punished and put behind bars under sexual harassment case. The people whom PM Modi personally follows used sexually abusive language against others in Twitter.

Here’s what Modi supporter sent message:-

मिलती जुलती खबर

Moreover, PM Narendra Modi didn’t unfollow these people even there were instances of use of abusive language. The man who abused Rana Ayyub was fired from his job for using sexually abusive language in a personal message that he had sent to Rana Ayyub’s page on Facebook.

Bincylal Balachandran has been fired by his employer Alpha Paints for sending such abusive messages.

He joined Alpha Paint in Dubai in 2015. He worked as customer service employee in Alpha Paint. Ayyub posted the screenshot of the message on April 6. The social media users took the issue to company management on April 7th.

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