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This Hindu Guy has a Very Good Message to Every Indian!

वायरल इन इंडिया संवाददाता -
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Every Indian who is not living in other countries know what kind of chaos is created by gau rakshaks and anti-Romeo squads in many states.

Some of the groups established by themselves and some were established by BJP leaders. These groups are also funded by local BJP leaders. Many reports of people being beaten and killed by Gau Rakshaks have been surfaced over the past years of Modi rule. People are angry on the negligence of government in controlling these groups.

A Muslim man took it to social media about the forceful application of “Cow is a god, she is our mother” on everyone irrespective of religion. He said “I will respect everyone’s mother but I will not respect a cow as my mother. I do not consider cow as mother or something that sort”. He spoke what is on everyone’s mind and made bold statements against such groups. Watch the video down below for complete truth.

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