Viral Sach:- Tej Bahadur is ALIVE, Her Wife confirm, Denies Fake Rumors

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Fake News Busted: Fake news of death of CRPF Jawaan Tejbahadur Yadav being spread on Social Media

Tejbahadur Yadav, A jawan from of BSF who complained against the army officers by reporting that hardworking and brave soldiers who protect the country doesn’t even get proper food. He also reported that, officers make money by selling the officer ration. Now, the rumor of Tejbahadur Yadav’s death is spreading.

The fake news was spread by a Facebook page named ‘Canada e Panjabi’ which uploaded photos on Wednesday which then resulted in rumors about death of CRPF Jawan.

Viral Sach:-

There is an apology and it has been told that his news was false. “Friends, someone had spread rumors. Our brave warrior is still alive and it is not beloved to God. These are all lies. Share more and more so that everyone can know. ”

Apology post from the same page


शेयर करें

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