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Double Standards of Anna Hazare Caught Red Handed!

Anna Hazare has shaken the country a few years ago with his movement against corruption and he had created a great impact on the people’s way of thinking about politics.

Anna Hazare with Vyapam Scam Accused Shivraj Singh:-

The movement had a great impact that every shop has his face on their desks. Anna’s movement against corruption has made the youth to involve in politics on a large scale for the first time.

Just like any other movement, Anna’s movement too diluted and everyone dispersed. Anna Hazare has again come into the picture of politics by a video in which he criticizes the politicians who are against the use of EVMs. In his video, Anna has shown his support to BJP and especially for Shiv Raj.

It is pretty ironic that Anna is supporting for a party in which a leader was involved in the Asia’s biggest job scam.

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