Dangal Will Now Not Be Released in Pakistan, Here’s The Reason Behind It

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Dangal film was a sensational hit in India and Aamir Khan and the rest of the Dangal team planned to release the film in Pakistan as they loved Bollywood films.

Last year, theater owners in Pakistan temporarily stopped screening Indian films after Pakistani artists and technicians were banned by the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association from in India. This was done after the political tensions rose between India and Pakistan after the Uri attacks in September.

Earlier this year, Pakistan lifted the ban on Indian films and began screening them in the country. The local distributors of Pakistan requested for Dangal to be released there. The entire team was okay with that but the release didn’t happen because the Pakistan censor board made surprising demands for which Aamir Khan didn’t agree.

The censor board wanted to remove two particular scenes which shows Indian flag and in another scene the Indian national anthem was played after Geeta Phogat wins the gold medal.

Aamir Khan decided that the film would not be released in Pakistan.

शेयर करें

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