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This is How You Can Malfunction EVM Machine to Win Any Elections in India!

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Narendra Modi campaigned in Uttar Pradesh along with Amit Shah and other BJP leaders to attract people of Uttar Pradesh to vote them.

The election results declare BJP is a clear winner of Uttar Pradesh elections but many did not agree to this conclusion. Many influential ministers like Mayawati said that the BJP rigged the elections buy tampering with the EVMs. She even challenged Amit Shah to win with the ballot box system of voting.

Mayawati even wrote to election commission to conduct the elecions again using ballet box system. Even the developed countries like USA doesn’t use EVMs for recording the votes.

In a video, a man shows how to tamper and manipulate EVMs to your favour. He just uses a simple program and a computer to record the votes using EVMs and reveals the truth how the tampered EVMs work. When the narrator testing the EVMs, he voted for no.1 canditate 11 times and candidate, no. 5 just one time but the results showed that candidate no. 5 was voted for 8 times.


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